The Importance of Sharing The Love

As well as creating my own blog content I'm a huge fan of reading the work of others. There's nothing I like better than snuggling down with a mug of tea and flicking through my bloglovin' feed, which is exactly why sharing the love for my favourite bloggers is so important to me. The blogging community can be a fickle one, which only increases the need for a little positivity every once in a while - something which arguably happens a lot more frequently among groups of 'lesser known' bloggers. In reality, sharing the content that you love to read is incredibly important no matter what the size of your readership is; taking the time to say just a couple of words about the content that inspires you has the potential to really make the community flourish.

I'm admittedly not the best when it comes to commenting on every post I read, although it's something I want to get better at. While I read and reply to every comment left on my own blog I often don't have the time to share my thoughts on other people's work. Positive comments on my posts have a tendency to put the biggest smile on my face so I'm going to make a big effort to show my support on other blogs, too. One thing I am dedicated to are my monthly 'Blogs Worth Bookmarking' updates. These always get so much great feedback and are by far the most read posts on my blog. I tend to keep a note of posts and/or bloggers that I've really enjoyed over the weeks and simply cram a few sentences about each into one post. It may not be much, but these kind of posts are some of my favourites to read and I think it's a great way to discover new blogs and spread the word about the creators that are really bringing it with their content.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's ever gone through stages of feeling downhearted about their blog or disconnected from the community, but sharing a little love here and there can really make the biggest difference to the way someone's feeling; I've experienced sudden bursts of motivation and creativity just from somebody leaving a few kind words in a blog comment. I think it's a myth that blogging needs to be competitive; as long as everyone is making original, inventive content and staying true to themselves there's more than enough room for everyone to be as successful as they hope to be. I'm yet to meet anyone who has a strict limit to the amount of blogs they follow - therefore promoting the work of others is unlikely to have any kind of negative effect on your blog. Instead it's likely to make it a happier, more positive place to visit. And what could be better than that?

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