Home Comforts

If you've been following me on Twitter (@thunderl0ve) you'll have probably seen that myself and my boyfriend have recently moved flat. It's incredibly exciting as we're now in a place that we absolutely love, however that's not to say that the past month or so hasn't been the most stressful time of my life. Either way, I took the time to take a couple snapshots of our new home to share with you. We've got a long way to go until we're completely happy, but it feels so much more 'us' than our old place ever did and I'm really looking forward to settling down properly.

A big plus is that the new place has two bedrooms; meaning that the smaller one will hopefully become a dedicated study/office/blogging/filming room at some point. We're still in the process of unpacking so it's become something of a dumping ground for now, but I can't wait to get in there properly and make it a really relaxing place to sit and work. We've tried to keep each of the other rooms fairly minimal, with our main bedroom housing just one large chest of drawers and our bed. Again it's a big change from what we had before, but I find it so much easier to fully relax and get a good nights rest in a room that's free from clutter. Our lounge is laid out very much the same as our old one, although we now have a sofa and television to really call our own. We've also been able to pop the dining table in the kitchen as opposed to cramming it all into the one living space, which again makes everything feel a lot less cluttered.

One of the biggest changes for me has been selling my dressing table and reverting back to a far more understated way of storing and displaying my makeup. For years I'd longed for a proper vanity having never had the space for one while I was growing up, but once I finally got what I wanted I just didn't feel it was for me. In fact I'm much more comfortable sitting on the floor in front of a regular mirror than I am sat at a 'proper' dressing table. I may write a more in depth post once I'm completely set up and certain on how I'm going to store everything, whenever that may be, so let me know if any of you would be interested (no Muji involved, I promise).

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