Tricks Still To Master

  • Contouring - this one has always left me slightly puzzled. It's not even so much that I can't do it, rather that I can't be bothered. And probably never will be.
  • Eyelash curling - or more specifically, even eyelash curling. I squeeze my lashes every morning without fail but getting both curls looking the same continually proves to be a real struggle.
  • Applying false lashes - the whole idea of it terrifies me.
  • Applying fake tan - ditto.
  • The cat-eye flick - still desperately trying to get the knack of this one. The Benefit Gel Liner has made it slightly more achievable, although the faces I pull in front of the mirror in order to get it right mean that there's still room for improvement.
  • The cool, messy topknot - I've got the messy bit down.
  • D.I.Y brow grooming - forever taking a step back from the mirror and recoiling in horror.
  • A bold lip - again, terrified. My insecurities over the shape of my lips have always prevented me from being remotely adventurous.
BeautyNatalie Stubbs