Reasons To Shop Second Hand

Shopping second hand is something that I love to do, in fact beauty products are one of the few things I'm always sure to purchase brand new. There's something about finding little gems that I find really appealing, whether it's in charity shops, antique stores or car boot sales. I can't proclaim to know an awful lot about how much things are worth - for me it's more about finding something special and unique that I love.

There are some obvious benefits to shopping second hand and finding things that nobody else has is one of them. Much of our flat has been kitted out with things we've bought this way and it makes our belongings feel a lot more personal and special. We love collecting little titbits that may not be in the best shape or condition, but that fit us as a couple and our personalities perfectly. We're lucky enough to live amongst a lot of charity and junk shops, so we're often popping in and rummaging through new stock in order to see if anything takes our fancy. Wading through shelves and boxes full of unloved things wont suit everyone but for me it's part of the fun and coming across something really special always makes it worth while. Of course shopping in charity shops is more often than not going to be that little bit cheaper and you can feel satisfied that you're donating to a good cause, too. There are also more and more 'vintage' stores cropping up now, although I often find they have a tendency to charge a little over the odds for things. Even so, they're a really great way of seeking out something unique and special; whether it's to wear, to use or simply to look at.

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