The Power Brow

A'la Cara Delvigne and a young Brooke Shields, the thick, bold 'power brow' is most definitely back on trend. I've spent hours pouring over Pinterest in search of the perfect pair and have come to one conclusion; the ultimate eyebrow really doesn't exist.

To follow the trends when it comes to your brows is to risk completely going against what suits you best. As a particularly hairy mclairy with a natural set of brows to rival Lily Collins, I'm currently enjoying a period where I'm able to say that my pair are bang on trend; but that hasn't always been the case. The perfectly groomed, barely there brow of the noughties had me feeling more than a little dissatisfied with the things and led to many an eyebrow faux-pas. Home wax kits, hair removal creams and a pair of painfully blunt tweezers were on the menu and certainly didn't leave me with the clean-lined brows that I so coveted.

No matter what's on trend, nothing is going to suit you more than the brows you were born with; be it in shape, thickness or shade. In fact, I'd argue that eyebrow 'trends' should be discarded altogether in favour of embracing exactly what you've already got. With big eyes and an even bigger forehead (ever wonder why I'm never seen without a fringe...) a set of over-tweezed brows were never going to suit me in reality; nor is the so called 'wow brow' going to be right for everyone either. Instead I'd suggest really getting to know your own brows individually and working out what suits you best. I've always been an advocate of the traditional 'brow mapping' technique that the Benefit ladies are so fond of as I find that it gives me just the right length and shape based upon nothing but my own features. Your brows are there to frame your face, so make sure they do just that.

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