Blogs Worth Bookmarking

Keeping up to date with my favourite blogs and finding new sites to lust over has been a far harder task than usual over the past month, with moving flat meaning that any free time has become something of a luxury. That said, there is of course always time to mention just a few of the pages that I've been itching to read during those precious hours alone with my laptop.

As my own blog progresses, the type of content that I'm interested in reading on other sites seems to be evolving too. I'm following more fashion blogs than ever and have picked up some serious style inspiration along the way. Cocochic is a firm favourite of mine, with the gorgeous Stephanie managing to send me lusting after things with every single post. Her Youtube channel has also taken up far too much of my spare time over recent weeks - the Five Product Face video is a must see. I've also been really enjoying Tres Monikh, whose simple, minimal approach to style is one that I really admire. i'm equally as obsessed with Monikh's Instagram as i am her blog, so go and check both out if you haven't already - they really are worth a look.

It goes without saying that I'm a huge fan of WishWishWish; Carrie's blog is as aesthetically pleasing as they get and her recent post on body image is well worth a read no matter who you are. Seeing bloggers use their self made platform to promote such a positive and important message is incredibly refreshing and it's something that we definitely need to see more of. Other posts I've loved reading include AfterDRK's Emergency Beauty Travel Kit and Sophie's tips for being original