Embracing Freckles

Freckles are something that I don't have many of myself, although I cherish the few that I do. I'm envious of anyone with a heavier smattering and I've never understood people's efforts to cover them up. I think they add a lot of warmth and depth to the face as well as just being so damn cute

My freckles get a fair bit darker in the summer months so this is when I really make an effort to opt for super light bases and show them off. They tend to cluster around the centre of my face, especially on my nose which typically is where I need the most coverage (shoutout to my fellow Rudolphs). My beloved Dr Jart+ BB Creams solve this problem whilst still allowing my freckles to shine through; and the La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Cream is another one that diminishes redness but still looks like skin. If you do prefer an extra bit of coverage, I find that a super light application of the Diorskin Nude Foundation works well and leaves my freckles showing whilst covering any blemishes with ease.

If you aren't blessed with a natural smattering of bronze spots, there are plenty of ways the fake them. It's a trend that's been seen all over the catwalk recently and it would seem more and more high street shops are latching on. Topshop have recently launched their first Freckle Pencil, although I would argue that it doesn't differ hugely to most eye pencils and there's probably a wider choice of shades if you opt for the latter option. The Topshop pencil also doesn't promise to be waterproof which may be an issue - especially when paired with rain in the winter and sweat in the summer. Instead I'd go for something like the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner, which is likely to last a little longer without smearing or smudging. The trick is to prep the skin well with a good primer, before warming the pencil up on the back of your hand and getting speckled. It's important to keep the spots as random as possible as any uniformity is likely to give away your faux freckled secret. Simply blot over the top with a tissue to blend them in a little more and you're good to go. You may like to dust a little translucent powder over the top in order to keep them set, but hopefully with a waterproof pencil formula you wont have too many problems.

BeautyNatalie Stubbs