Finding the time to relax can be difficult, even on breaks from university. As I've got older I often find myself feeling guilty for having any 'me time' and instead sit and contemplate all of the other things I should be doing. In reality I need to realise that taking some time out once in a whole isn't something to feel guilty about; in fact it's something that I need to cherish a little more.

Like lots of people, one of my favourite ways to chill is by taking a long, hot bath. Since moving flat however this luxury has been lost so I've taken to trying to make shower time as relaxing as possible. I tend to remove all of my makeup (a step that automatically switches on my 'down time' mode) and pop on a face mask before stepping in, allowing the steam from the shower to work that extra little bit of magic on my skin. Luxurious shower gels aren't something I tend to spend lots of money on so I usually pick whichever scent sounds best from the body washes that are on offer in Tesco that week - peppermint and coconut are two favourites. I'll then set about giving myself a mini manicure; something that I find super relaxing in itself.

Since leaving college I haven't found myself getting into reading the same way that I used to, so time spent in front of the TV becomes the next best thing. My boyfriend and I tend to watch an awful lot of films together and snuggling under the quilts with Netflix and a packet of Haribo is one of my favourite ways to unwind. I'm a worrier - so although it may not be a highly recommended form of relaxation, watching something gripping enables me to switch off any niggly negative thoughts and take my mind somewhere else for a couple of hours.

I've spoken about meditation before on my blog and I do genuinely believe it's the ultimate way to relax. It's a technique that admittedly I was a little skeptical about it begin with, but it's made a huge difference to my overall mindset and is something I still rely on if I'm having trouble sleeping or switching off from the world around me. My favourite app is Headspace as it allows you to practise meditation without any airy fairy language or patronising voiceovers. The free part of the app is packed with 10 minute instalments of meditation techniques, making it the ideal option for pre-duvet down time.


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