Beachy Waves for Super Straight Girls

Beachy, piecey waves are what I lust after more than anything else, so sods law would have it that I have precisely the opposite texture to my hair. Without products or styling, my locks fall incredibly straight and flat to the head. It's amazingly soft, which I suppose should be considered a benefit, but it just makes managing the hair or shaping it into any particular style a nightmare. Over time I've tried numerous methods of giving my mane some much needed texture and I can finally say that I've almost accomplished a semi-tousled look - it's better than nothing at least.

My weapon of choice? A diffuser.

To begin, I scrunch a healthy amount of mousse through the roots of my damp hair and down into the tips. I then apply a little serum (considering how straight my hair is, it can get damn frizzy. Those with better behaving locks may be able to skip this part altogether) and give the ends a good spritz of salt spray - it's pricey, but I stand by my claims that the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray is worth the extra pennies. I then go to town with the diffuser, setting my hairdryer on a low heat and moving it around the head continuously until the hair is dry. This can admittedly take a little longer than using the dryer without an attachment, but for me the time saved tonging waves into the hair more than makes up for it. The trick is to keep scrunching and twisting the hair as you go, making sure to direct the heat upwards for a little extra volume, too. The diffuser works to bring out any natural wave that your hair may have and gives a far more natural finish than the other methods I've used to add shape and definition to my lengths in the past.

In between washes I simply spritz the hair with water and give it another quick blast with the diffuser; simple.

BeautyNatalie Stubbs