Downing Tools

My brush collection is seriously lacking. Whilst I love the feel of new brushes I'm just not in the position to spend a great deal of money on them; and recently I've found myself pushing them aside more and more frequently. On days where decide to skip tools altogether, cream and liquid formulas are obviously a must. As cream blushes and eye shadows make up a pretty big part of my collection, ditching the powders altogether really isn't too difficult. When it comes to evening out the skintone I find that using my fingers to blend products works wonders; especially when I'm after a sheerer finish. Bases like the Dr Jart+ BB Creams are my favourites to apply in this way as the whole process is just so fuss free and the formulas really seem to 'sink in' to the skin seamlessly when I use my fingers. Beginning at the centre of the face, I sweep the product towards the outer edges and bring a little down the neck with my palms in order to keep things looking as natural as possible. Concealer is then sorted by patting the formula into the skin with my ring finger; a method that I've found really optimises the coverage and prevents the product simply being moved around the skin with a brush.

For eyes I'm all about adding a subtle hint of definition with a khol or pencil liner, roughly applying it along the lashline before getting down to some serious smudging (ring finger only, of course). I tend to use dark brown liner in order to prevent things looking too harsh. I may cheat on my brows slightly by using a pencil/marker to shade them in (Rimmel's Brow Pencil and the NYX Eyebrow Marker are firm favourites), but technically it remains a brush-free affair - spoolies don't count... right? The rest of my makeup is kept fairly simple, with a cream blush smudged over the apples of my cheeks. The Stila Convertible Colours have an almost perfect formula for this, although Revlon do a pretty great version for half the price. Lips and lashes are obviously pretty simple, although if I'm going all out and leaving the eyelash curlers behind too I'll use something like Guerlain Maxi Lash, which helps to add just the tiniest bit of curl on its own.

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