Oh, Mr Darcy

My love for the Rimmel Salon Pro Polishes is still going strong; the latest shade to capture my heart being Oh, Mr Darcy (currently in a state of confusion over whether I love or hate the name).

It joins the ranks of the very few polishes that I've ever removed from my nails only to apply it again straight after - although admittedly these grey toned nudes are becoming all too common within my collection. I have a problem. That said, this particular shade strikes a certain resemblance to Chanel's Frenzy; a much hyped polish that's formula tends not to live up to expectation. In contrast, the Salon Pro range are renowned for providing an incredibly long lasting finish; I find that I can go for around a week and a half before things start to look a little rough around the edges. 

Plus the colour is really nice, too.

BeautyNatalie Stubbs