The Day I Got Organised

It's no secret that I'm disorganised. I actually don't see it as a huge flaw any more, it's just the way that I am; and for the longest time that suited me just fine. I somehow managed to scrape through life without keeping any record of things that I'd done or things that I needed to do. Back in November though I realised just how stressful life had become. Balancing uni, work, assignments, freelancing, blogging, youtubing, running my own home and maintaining some kind of social and family life was becoming all the more overwhelming and I found myself feeling unable to gather my thoughts and create a viable list of everything I needed to do each day. More and more time was going to waste because I just couldn't think straight and get my head in any kind of order. That day I decided enough was enough and set out on a mission for a more organised life. Well, as organised as mine probably ever will be.

The biggest life saver for me has been Google Calendar. I've read about it's benefits on countless blogs and eventually decided to load mine up. It's come in especially handy with planning blog posts and YouTube videos; both of which I've sadly let slip over the past couple of weeks (blame the grey and gloomy lighting situation, my organisation skills have been ON POINT). Google Calendar makes it incredibly easy to add tasks and events and quickly move them around if needed. It also allows you to colour code each task which is wicked. I use purple for blog posts, yellow for videos, green for uni work and blue for freelance/work tasks. Simples. I'm always signed on to my google profile on my laptop, phone and iPad so everything keeps pretty well connected.

I also invested in a pocket sized diary to keep everything else in check. Hunting for one which catered for 2014 at the beginning of November proved tough, but I eventually settled for this one by Moleskine which has space for 18 months as opposed to 12.  I tend to use the diary more for social stuff and appointments, deadlines etc. No matter how easy online calendars are there's still something about jotting things down with a pen that fully reassures me that I haven't forgotten anything.

I've also made it my personal mission to catch up with any of those niggly little tasks that are way past their deadline and have been at the bottom of my non-existent to do list for months now. First up, organising my blog. I still haven't gotten around to formatting so many old posts since moving to SS all those months ago (in my defence it does take a bloody long time) and there's a couple of things I'd like to change about my layout and navigation that I just haven't got around to yet. I'm also determined to clear out and declutter both my laptop and my SD card, neither of which need to hold anywhere near as much of my old crap as they do. There's no denying that this getting organised malarky is time consuming and often pretty tedious, but it feels great to finally feel as though I'm getting some control back. My days are becoming far more productive as I spend less time floating in between tasks and more time focusing on each one until it's fully complete. 

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