A New Addition

Mum: read the whole post before you pick up that telephone.

I've wanted a nose piercing for as long as I can remember. On the right person I think they look awesome, but I've always had reservations about whether I am that 'right person'. I also have a major fear of needles; another reason for me giving them the shrug off for so long. 

Needless to say then that the silver ring I'm rocking in the picture above is actually a fake. Clip on jewellery isn't something I've dabbled in since the packets of stick on body gems you could buy from Claire's Accessories in the early 00's - but I'm not ashamed to admit that my subtle nod to facial piercings is entirely false. I'd love to say that it's inspired me to take the plunge for real, but while the thought of a blood test makes my legs turn to jelly I think this is as far as I'll be pushing it. I do love it though, although I'm still not entirely sure I manage to pull it off. Even so, it's a cheap, cheerful and pain-free option that doesn't leave a little black hole behind when it's removed. Wicked.

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