Shows That Everyone Should See

  • The Office (UK) | miles better than the US version. MILES.
  • The Carrie Diaries | unapologetically girly and cliche, but that's why I love it. Pure guilty pleasure viewing.
  • Girls | everything starts going downhill second series on, but it's well worth a watch for that first season alone.
  • Orange Is The New Black | something of a slow burner for me, it took me a couple of episodes to find my bearings but once I did I was hooked.
  • Peaky Blinders | gritty and raw and utterly addictive. 
  • Mad Men | another slow burner and one that I find I have to pay real attention to, but it's well worth the good reviews it gets.
  • The Big Bang Theory | usually not my cup of tea at all but I'm finding it impossible to stop watching. Perhaps because that's all E4 ever show... hm.
  • Catfish | my mum got me hooked on this. It's strangely compelling and always full of surprises. Again, a total guilty pleasure.

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