The 'Miracle' Beauty Product That May Well Be Worth The Hype

This is one of those products that I've been meaning to get around to buying for a long time now. Moisturisers aren't always the most exciting purchase however, so I put off the inevitable for the longest time until finally caving a couple of weeks ago. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate is one of those cult products that I'm forever reading and hearing about, hailed as every makeup artists secret weapon and a must have in the beauty bags of beauty experts and fanatics alike. 

I've mainly been using this as a moisturiser come primer, applying a thin layer every morning post-cleanse. As far as day creams go, it's really nice. I have combination skin and do struggle to blend certain foundations seamlessly into the complexion without emphasising dry patches; something that this has definitely managed to help control. It does take a little longer to sink in than other similar products that I've used, but the velvety finish I'm left with provides a great canvas for base makeup. It also manages to work well with my sensitive skin and doesn't contribute to any redness or discomfort even with prolonged use. 

I'm not entirely sure that it works miracles, but it's something that I'm definitely happy to carry on using. It also has the added benefit of doubling (or tripling) up as a makeup remover, although I can't imagine myself using it for this purpose on a regular basis. It is a great little multitasker though and something that I can foresee myself repurchasing in the future (FYI, the price tag is pretty comforting, too).

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