Cold Weather Wardrobe Staples

I largely view knitwear in the same light as I do jeans and winter coats; they're an essential and therefore worth spending just that little bit more on in order to get something quality. I've always been puzzled by people's decision to to spend less on wardrobe basics as they're the pieces that are likely to get the most love and wear year round. On trend pieces come and go, so I'm more interested in saving a few extra pennies when shopping for those. 

For me, defining what counts as a wardrobe staple definitely depends on the season. This year I've fallen into something of a set routine with the outfits I wear and feel as though I've finally settled on a style that I like. Even so, there's a few pieces that I could still do with picking up in order to complete my collection. I've therefore compiled a list of what I call 'basics' for this time of year in order to see where the gaps in my wardrobe appear.

  • Black skinny jeans 
  • Oversized grey knit
  • Black ankle boots
  • Camel coat
  • Boyfriend jeans

I already have the camel coat, grey knit and boyfriend jeans in check (more on those soon), but the perfect black skinnies and ankle boots are high on my list of things to seek out. If you have any tips, let me know!

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