The Secret To Happy Skin

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Find out what works for you and turn your back on anything else.

So it's not the most profound piece of advice you've ever heard, but it's no secret that skincare is a subject close to my heart. Having suffered with problematic skin throughout much of my teens, I largely became interested in the beauty blogging community as a result of my own desire to improve things. 

There's a huge wealth of advice out there, the likes of which I can't help but find a little overwhelming sometimes. The more I read, the more I become dissatisfied with the way that some 'gurus' approach the topic of looking after your skin and developing a routine that works for you. Too often the subject of skincare is approached in a way that preaches a very specific set of rules and recommendations. Put simply, if you're not following these rules you're not taking care of your skin. You're doing it all wrong. You can't be part of the gang. 

As someone with a history of problematic skin, the best thing I've done over the past few months is learn to listen to it. To really pay attention to how it reacts to the products I use, how it feels and what it truly needs. I've narrowed my routine down to just a couple of products and focused on the ones that I know really work for me and my skin. I no longer use a serum, an exfoliant or face masks on a regular basis; and my skin has never been better for it. I know people that use even fewer products than I do and their skin looks great. I know people who include steps that I don't include and don't include steps that I do, and they have pretty wonderful skin, too.

Everybody's skin is different. It has different needs, different likes and dislikes. Everybody's lifestyle is different and their diet is different. Too often the advice that I read doesn't take this into account. If you're not using a certain product or layering enough ingredients then you've got it all wrong - a message that these day's I'm really struggling to get on board with. It's not the concept of skincare advice in itself that feels wrong, I openly speak about my own routine and give my thoughts on the products I use. It's the way that skincare has become something that's almost preached; and that's just not cool.

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