An Eye Cream I Would ACTUALLY Recommend

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A good eye cream is hard to find; lord knows I've tried. From high street to high end I've hunted for something that would actually make a semi-noticeble difference to the area and have consistently had no such luck. The closest I came to success was with the Origins GinZing eye cream, which boasted subtle light reflecting particles that did brighten the area slightly, but did very little to hydrate, conceal or awaken. Once that finished I tried creams from Clarins, Clinique and No7; none of which made a lasting impact.

I was then offered the chance to try Vichy Idealia Eyes*; a cream that promises to add radiance and brighten the appearance of dark circles. Like most eye creams it also boasts anti-ageing properties, although this is something that I'm fortunate enough to not need to comment on at the moment. The cream itself has a slight peachy tint, instantly softening the appearance of blue/purple shadows underneath the eye's contour. It definitely doesn't reduce the need for concealer, but it's so nice to finally come across an eye cream that really does make a visible difference to the area upon application. Like Origins GinZing, this one also has a very small amount of shimmer running through the cream that works to brighten the area overall. When applying I do tend to shun the plastic applicator and instead squeeze a small amount onto my finger tip before patting it in, although faffy applicators don't tend to be my thing no matter what the product.

As with all eye creams it's important not to expect miracles. The dark shadows are still there and 7am wake up calls still amount to a great deal of puffiness; but this is without doubt one of the best I've tried. I use it morning and evening to soothe, hydrate and refresh the area and I find it does a brilliant job at all three - even around my sensitive eye area. In terms of providing long term effects... meh. But even so, this is a good'un.

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