For When You Don't Know What To Do

I recently hit the grand age of 21; an age where it's generally considered that you should just about have your sh*t together or at least some idea of how you're going to get it that way. In reality I'm definitely not that lucky. I've never been someone who holds any burning desire or passion to fulfil a certain dream or goal; instead I've floated around never really knowing what I want from life or what direction I'm heading in. Even now I'm still floating, with no real career ambitions, hobbies or plans for the future. I am a floater, and it's taken me a really long time to realise that that's actually okay.

One of the most useful things that's happened to me is realising that I'm not alone. I don't talk openly about my lack of direction so I can't expect others too either, but it's always a huge relief to actually speak to somebody that's going through the same thing. I'm studying a subject at university that I have very little interest in pursuing, but the idea that others have come away with degrees and not necessarily followed the path that their course dictates has taken away a huge amount of pressure. In fact, the more I speak to people the more I realise that it's not actually too uncommon a situation at all. Three years is a long time and I've slowly come to realise that there's nothing wrong with changing your goals part way through a course; especially as so many people choose what they're going to study so young. 

What you're doing now doesn't have to dictate what you do in the future. A career doesn't necessarily mean 'for life' any more; in fact I'm certain I'll be one of those people that changes jobs constantly until I find something I'm comfortable doing. I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to others; I'm incredibly envious of people that know exactly what they want from life and exactly which path to take in order to get there, but I'm making a conscious effort not to let it get to me. People are different and not everything slots into place at the same time for everyone - chances are there are far more people out there facing the same problem than even I realise.

I have no idea where I'll be living or what I'll be doing in 10, 5 or even 2 years time; but that doesn't have to be as terrifying as it sounds. There's a fine balance that needs to be struck between just letting things happen and actively working to find the right path, but that's exactly what I'm going to try and achieve in future. I sometimes feel bombarded by questions about what I'm planning to do after university and my goals for the next few years, but I'm gradually coming to terms with the fact that a simple 'I have no idea' response is nothing to feel embarrassed about; in fact it's pretty damn exciting (well, almost).

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