The Problem With Too Much Blogging Advice

The concept of 'blogging advice' is nothing new and I generally don't see anything wrong with taking some points on board, especially when the advice comes from a blogger that you truly do admire. The problem comes when you take so much advice that you lose sight of why you started blogging in the first place. Speaking from experience, blogging for the love of blogging is so much more rewarding than blogging for any other purpose. While I feel as though advice posts on monetising your blog, gaining more followers and contacting PR companies can occasionally be helpful, many just don't seem to be sending out the right message.

For me, the main issue is that blogging advice so often assumes the definition of a success; something that is bound to be entirely different for everybody. Many of the blogs I enjoy reading the most have a humble amount of followers compared to the professionals, but in my eyes that doesn't make them any less successful. Too often we work to produce content that is of the greatest value to other people, when in actual fact creating something that is valuable to you is equally as important. Nobody has the authority to define success - whether that's in terms of audience, financial gain or just the quality of your content. Produce something that makes you happy and nobody can tell you that you're doing it wrong.

I also struggle with the assumption that there is one direct route building a successful blog. Comparisons are so often made between professional bloggers; many of whom began blogging before it even became a profession in it's own right. While there are definitely a few 'fast-tracks' to building your follower count it's important to remember that these are unlikely to bring genuine readers to your site that really take the time to engage with your content. Organic growth doesn't happen overnight and there's definitely no fail safe recipe that will attract truly valuable readers to your blog. Everyone is travelling down their own path and it's unrealistic to expect everybody's experience of blogging to be the same; if it were this community would be a whole lot more boring.

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