Blogs Worth Bookmarking

Pets have been high on my list of loves this month; the cuter the better. I'm head over heels for the newest addition to Olivia's family, Maggie, and found her recent post on advice for those thinking about getting a puppy to be incredibly helpful and informative for anyone as in love with the idea of getting a pup as I am. If you're more of a cat person, you're bound to be as unable to resist Ralph, the latest addition to the Little Winter family. I'm also swooning over Luce's pup, Basil, Suzie's Pomchi, Nala and Sammi's gorgeous hedgehog, Herbert. All of the cute.

Cute animals aside, I also haven't stopped reading Rosanna's blog, Billie Rose, over the past few weeks. An incredibly talented writer, Rosanna's corner of the internet is packed full of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts combined with enviably photography. Everything she does has an editorial twist and her flair for stylish simplicity is second to none. I'd highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel, too. I have so much admiration for her decision to film in her native language and, although admittedly I can't speak a word of Dutch myself, it doesn't stop me from getting excited to watch each and every new upload.