A Lipstick Named Rebel (But Not THAT One...)

Lord & Berry's Vogue Lipstick in 'Rebel'* marks my first step into the foray of seasonal lip colours. It's a rich, berry toned red with a semi-matte finish that feels incredibly comfortable on the lips. It perhaps has a little more shine that I'd like from a lipstick that claims to be matte but after a quick blot down I'm pretty satisfied. Wear time is a good few hours and, although it does fade a little unevenly, I don't find that maintenance is any higher than any other reds on the market.

A red lip is a bold move for me so I decided to keep everything else as fresh and simple as possible. I used a thin veil of BB Cream on my skin to even everything out, before concealing any niggly little spots and pimples with a thin brush. I then tight lined along my upper lashes, added a couple of coats of lengthening mascara and finished with a soft, creamy peach on the cheeks. It's a look that I'm not entirely used to yet and is a pretty large step away from what I usually go for on a day to day basis, but it makes a nice change and I'm enjoying being a little more ~out there~ with my colour choices.

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