Reasons To Start a Blog


Although I struggle to believe it, this little corner of the internet is over two years old now. Although it's been through a name change, many layout redesigns and endless updates in terms of post content and categories, I only now feel as though I've finally found my feet with it and created a little space that's mine all mine. Blogging can be taken incredibly seriously these days, but it's important to remember the reasons that blogging begun in the first place. Your blog should be a reflection of you, a creative escape and something that you thoroughly enjoy doing regardless of any monetisation or PR associations that you're lucky enough to receive. There are thousands of reasons you may consider starting a blog, here's just a quick list of the reasons I did...


The blogging community is a strong one and the sheer amount of support I get from those that read my blog is astounding; just reading through your comments every day is enough to put the biggest smile on my face. I've met some amazing people through this process and it's something that I could never have expected before I started.


Before blogging I would never have labelled myself as a 'creative person', and in many ways I still don't. One thing that blogging has taught me is that creativity and imagination comes in a whole range of different forms and just because I don't have the means to be particularly artistic doesn't mean I can't express creativity in other ways; such as through my writing or content ideas.


A bit of a mushy one, but finding a wicked group of people that share the same interests and hobbies as yourself can be a huge deal - especially if you want to build your blog around an interest of yours that's a little out of the ordinary. Coming into contact with people that love beauty products as much as I do means that I can chat to my heart's content about something that so few of my 'real life' friends really share a passion for.


This one depends entirely on your own situation and goals, but a blog is a great way to create a solid basis of contacts if you're interested in going into a career that involves being a part of the online community. Networking can get you in contact with brands, companies and individuals and your blog is a great way to showcase yourself and what you're all about.


The most surprising benefit that I've come across and really the primary reason that I've continued to blog for so long. Blogging can do wonders for your confidence; something that I've always had the biggest problems with. Entering in to such a supportive community is a great way to express yourself without fear of judgement or failure (in most cases, at least). It's your space to do whatever the hell you want with - and for me it's been the best possible way to build up some much needed self esteem.


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