The Wing

How crazy is it that I'm writing this post? Insane. For the longest time eyeliner has been my nemesis; any attempt at a flicked out, winged effect has fallen flat and I'd almost given up all hope of it ever happening for me, despite loving the look on other people. There were three main issues that I faced with my liner; 1) ensuring that the flicks were at even (or at least similar) angles to one another, 2) determining the thickness of the wing and 3) managing to prevent the end result smearing all over my face before lunchtime. I'm still a long way from perfect but I've finally found a routine that I'm happy with - and that's more than good enough for me.

I usually begin by drawing the flick itself - something that I always left until the last minute previously. I guess the main benefit of this is that when it comes to rubbing out any mistakes, it's a lot easier when there's just one small line to remove and it doesn't interfere with the rest of the liner... if that makes an ounce of sense! My new love is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Liner; far better than the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner (in my humble opinion) as it enables you to remove any mistakes quickly and easily without having to use any specialist eye makeup removers or oils. Once you're happy with the result and the liner is completely dry this stuff just ain't budging, but it is still possible to play around with it until you're truly happy.

For years I'd only dared to use a felt tip liner such as the Collection 24hr Felt Tip Liner as I'd heard that they were the easiest option for liner novices like myself. Instead, I've actually discovered that I'm far better at using a more traditional gel/brush method. The brush that comes with the Rimmel liner is surprisingly good as it has a conveniently pointy tip that allows for a precise finish when needed. I use the handle of the brush to find the right angle, following on directly from the bottom lashline to create the most natural looking finish. Practice really does make perfect with this and I've found that over time I've become better at determining where the line should be just from sight; although I still do make the occasional mistake (or seven). Although I'm better at liner than I used to be, cotton buds are still my best friends and I'm always sure to have a healthy supply nearby for when it all goes tits up. I usually just faintly dab them into a little Bioderma and use it to even out the line where needed. For me this is the easiest way to achieve a super pointy flick and it takes a little bit of pressure off knowing that I can go back and tidy up any mistakes. To draw the wing itself, I begin with a super thin line and build it up near the base as neatly as possible, keeping the tip sharp and pointy. 

I think the most important thing to remember is that different people prefer different techniques; and just because one person does it a certain way doesn't mean you need to - especially if you're not particularly comfortable with it. A few of my favourite tutorials and routines from the web include Megan's Winged Liner Technique post, Sammi's Everyday Winged Liner video and Suzie's Liquid Liner Tutorial. It just goes to show that eyeliner can look great using a whole range of different techniques and products - just play around and find out what's best for you!