La Roche Posay 3 Step Anti-Blemish System


It's no secret that I fully subscribe to the wonders of the LRP Effaclar range. Duo and Duo[+] are possibly the only products within my skincare routine that I just can't bare to be without - even to the point that I have constant restocks waiting in line should a tube run dry unexpectedly. It's made a huge difference to the overall appearance, tone and texture of my skin over the years I've been using it, so when I was offered the opportunity to trial the brand's new 3 Step Anti-Blemish System* I was thrilled. Accepting skincare as part of a PR sample isn't something that I make a habit of, but it's a kit that I had been already been saving my pennies to pick up myself since I heard of it's forthcoming release.

As a little bit of background info, I've suffered with blemish prone skin since my early teens but I've never had huge problems with oiliness; in fact it probably sits more on the dry side. That said, I'm prone to sensitivity and have found that the Effaclar range - although aimed at those with oilier skin - works wonders for me in general.

The first product in the system is the Purifying Foaming Gel*, which initially made me wince slightly. Foaming cleansers aren't my usual choice as they do nothing to help my dry skin, but in the interest of a full review I picked this up over my usual morning (and occasionally evening) cleansers for a few weeks. While it didn't leave my skin quite as uncomfortable as some of the foaming options I've used in the past it still definitely isn't for me. Yes my skin felt clean, but I just don't find that it's worth it considering how dry and stripped foaming products also make it feel. It may be something that those with oily complexions can make work for them a little better, but I'm far more likely to use something like the Effaclar Clarifying Lotion in place of this as a first step in my routine. For me, the real gem of this collection is the Clarifying Toner*, an instantly mattifying option that leaves the skin feeling smooth and free from excess oils. As I mentioned, my skin doesn't get particularly greasy, but I have enjoyed wiping this across my t-zone in the mornings before applying makeup as it enables me to work with a truly blank canvas. It's the only product in the system that you can't purchase on it's own in the UK, so it's definitely a nice incentive to give the kit a try if you're already a fan of the Effaclar range. Also included is a full size tube of Effaclar Duo[+]*, which for me is a true 'can't live without' product. This has made a bigger difference to my complexion than any other skincare product I've tried in the past, so for me it's more than useful to have an extra tube on standby. I know that this is on a lot of people's 'to try' list, so a complete system like this one is the perfect way to give the serum a go in combination with two other products that aim to increase it's effectiveness.


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