Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway

I can confess to sometimes just being a big bundle of worry. I have no idea why; I never used to worry about a thing, but as I've gotten older it somehow seems to have crept up on me. I don't enjoy it by any means, but a recent conversation with my doctor managed to make my outlook on things just that little bit brighter. She recommended that I pick up a book titled Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway. Ok so I didn't actually get round to getting my hands on a copy (it's something of a wishy washy self help book that really doesn't peak my interest), but just chatting about the principles behind it made me feel a whole lot better and opened my eyes to all of the opportunities I've been missing due to the fear of taking them up.

Facing my fears hasn't ever been one of my strong points; I've never had a great deal of self confidence and putting myself forward is something that I continue to find incredibly daunting - in fact I probably always will. This mentality doesn't tell you that it's wrong to feel those feels. It doesn't encourage you to suppress them; nor does it attempt to teach you techniques in coping with them. Instead it tells you to embrace them - warts and all - but to carry on doing whatever the heck you're so afraid of doing regardless.

Without doubt it's easier said than done. Anyone that's ever had to deal with low self esteem, anxiety issues or a simple unwillingness to climb out from under the duvet and into the real world (*raises hand*) will know that those fears can be crippling. For me, the realisation has come that life is way too short to worry so much; I've let so many brilliant opportunities slip through the net and stepping out of my comfort zone is something I need to do far more often. The bad feelings aren't likely to vanish completely, but nor should they be allowed to prevent you from moving forward and pushing yourself to do the things that deep down you really want to do. Everyone has bad days, but it's about recognising those feelings of nervousness and discomfort and accepting them rather than pushing them away. Let them do their thing, as long as you continue to do yours.


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