Vineyard Peach

Defining a 'signature scent' isn't really something I've ever taken the time to do. Each morning I pick up whichever body lotion, deodorant and perfume sit nearest to hand without ever really contemplating how the three will mix together or whether or not they're fragrances that I even really like. That said, over the past few weeks I've fallen for one scent above them all - The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach collection. 

I would never have expected to grow such a fondness of a fruity scent. I've always been far more into earthy, woody fragrances and that definitely reflects in my usual choice of shower gels and body lotions. Even so, the smell of this stuff is absolutely gorgeous. I actually hadn't tried much from The Body Shop at all before until a recent trip home had me borrowing (ahem, stealing) handfuls of my mum's Blueberry Body Butter each morning. I'd heard raves about these before but it was only when I tried one for myself that I realised just how soothing and moisturising they feel on the skin. Once I was back in Norwich I made it my mission to sniff each scent in succession and find one that I truly loved, which led me to this pot of peachy goodness. I also use the matching shower gel, both of which leave a subtle, fresh scent on the skin that's strong enough to linger throughout the day without completely knocking your socks off. Admittedly the fragrance is fairly summery, although I can't see that putting me off using these for months and months to come. 

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