Blogs Worth Bookmarking

Another month, another nod to a few of my most loved blogs/bloggers. The past few weeks have been slightly hectic and, with a broken laptop and a replacement that doesn't let me log in to any sites whatsoever, it's been tricky to follow content as much as I usually like to. My blogging routine is entirely confined to the time that my boyfriend is able to lend me his laptop so most of the mentions today are going to be tailored towards the specific posts I've managed to catch; many of which have been truly inspiring. It's so exciting to see the pace with which the blogging community is evolving and there are some people out there creating some seriously incredible pieces of content.

First up, food. Or chocolate to be more precise. I'm not usually one to read recipe posts when they crop up on my feed (anyone else a fan of microwave pizza? No?) but a few of the sweeter treats have caught my eye recently and inspired me to get back onto the baking bandwagon. Helen's Deep Dish Chocolate Cookie is arguably the best of the bunch, but Grace's Gooey Chocolate Brownie recipe is equally as tempting and I'm determined to get my bake on with this one at some point in the week. Bravo girls, bravo.

Beauty wise I was really inspired by Sammi's post on Enhancing What You've Got. Seeing a post within the beauty community that emphasises the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and using makeup to enhance your natural features rather than conceal them is incredibly refreshing and (as always) Sammi's post was written in the most beautiful way. I also got slightly over excited when I saw that Amy had decided to post a Daily Makeup Routine. I've mentioned before that I find snooping around the cosmetics bags of fashion bloggers to be incredibly interesting (please say that somebody else is with me on this!) and Amy's recent venture into beauty related content doesn't disappoint. It's refreshing to hear the thoughts of somebody outside of the usual 'beauty blogger' realm; plus the girl always manages to look awesome so that was definitely a draw, too.