A Guide to The Bi-Weekly Hairwash

When the photo above was taken I actually hadn't washed my hair for three whole days*. Wickedly gross, right? I'd have thought so too. Throughout high school, college and the rest of my teenage years I gave my hair a thorough shampoo every single morning which, considering the length and manageability of my mane, was nothing short of a triumph. I'd been told time and time again that washing your hair every day is a bad thing but somehow I didn't quite believe it - in fact I still don't. It's not as if I've seen a huge improvement in the look or condition of my hair since I've cut back on the cleanses; in fact I really haven't noticed any change at all. I believe that you should wash your hair as and when you need to, which in reality is going to be different for everyone. It's probably the case however that most people can get away with washing it just two or three times a week, a routine that's saved me so much money and has definitely helped with my shampoo budget, too.

Resist the comb

I can already hear my mum tutting as I write this, but holding off brushing, combing or detangling the hair in any way is a sure fire way to hold off the greasy look just that little bit longer. If the roots get a little on the oily side, spritz in a touch of dry shampoo and massage - simples. Brushing of combing the hair is only going to distribute the oils and give the whole thing a limper, lanker effect.

... apart from the backcomb

It goes without saying that I'm no stranger to a bit of backcombing every now and again (well, everyday). My love affair with massive locks is nowhere near as OTT as it used to be (there are many embarrassing pictures still knocking about on Tumblr to prove that point), but a little bit of extra work around the crown makes all the difference and the volume created is likely to last a lot longer on hair that's a couple of days old, too.

Go easy on the dry shampoo

I'm not actually the biggest fan of this stuff and while it's always good to have a bottle on hand for emergencies, I'd suggest laying off it for as long as possible. Even the 'ultra weightless' options tend to leave an unpleasant residue in the hair that leaves me rushing for the shower even faster than I usually would.

Make BFF's with a scrunchie

One of the worst things about not washing my hair daily is the horrendous state it somehow manages to get itself into overnight. If I don't put it up it's a mass of knots and tangles, if I do I'm left with subtle kinks that alert everyone to my not-so-freshly washed secret come morning. Scrunchies have become my saviour, allowing me to shove it all up in a loose bun and snooze to my heart's content, knowing it'll still be smooth and kink-free the next day.

And if you have a fringe...

I've been asked a couple of times how I manage to make this work with a fringe, which is where a little bit of cheating is involved. I do tend to give this a quick once over every morning, using nothing more than a spray bottle filled with water and a pea sized amount of texturising creme. A spritz, a ruffle and a quick blast with the hairdryer amounts to the perfect level of trickery and somehow manages to give the illusion that the rest of my hair is just as freshly washed. 

*I DO still shower every day, yo.

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