Foundation Free

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As a self confessed foundation addict this seems like a surreal post to be writing. Every beauty lover has their crux and foundation has always been mine; the search for the perfect base is something that has always intrigued me and no matter how many options I collect there's always just enough room for another. Despite that, I haven't actually worn the stuff now in almost a month. 

Not once. Nada

....ok so I may be cheating here slightly. When I'm after a little bit of additional coverage I have been guilty of using the odd BB Cream (Dr Jart+ Regenerating Beauty Balm fyi) but the more traditional foundation formulas have been left on the shelf. I can't really explain my sudden change of heart but I feel as if laying off the heavy coverage has really helped my skin, which in turn is allowing me to have an even greater amount of foundation free days. It's something of a miracle, but one that I'm more than happy to believe in.

The truth is that not wearing foundation feels good, although it's something that I never imagined having the confidence to do. A good quality concealer is a must and, although I'm still dedicated to my faithful Benefit Erase Paste, the perfect full coverage option is currently reigning top of my list of things to find (recommendations welcome). Going foundation free isn't going to be for everyone but I genuinely never thought it would appeal to me so much before I gave it a go. There's no better time than summer to wave goodbye to heavy bases and do your skin a little bit of a favour all at once.


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