Blogs Worth Bookmarking

I've been having a little bit of time off from reading blogs over the past few weeks and admittedly I haven't managed to get as much of a fix as I'm used to. It's not really been a conscious decision; I'm actually finding that even with uni out of the way for the summer I have less time than I ever have to sit back and do something that I really enjoy. That said, there are still a few pages - both new finds and old favourites - that have kept  me in the blogging frame of mind.

Two more recent loves have been That Grace Girl and All That Fascination; both of which share a passion for beauty, style and stunning photography. Grace's written style is flawless and her posts are genuinely a real pleasure to read; especially her skincare snippets (girl has a collection which leaves me green with envy). ATF is written by Italian beauty Federica; although all of the posts are translated to English too - I only wish I was fluent enough in Italian to read Fede's blog otherwise. It's another eclectic mix of beauty, fashion and hair inspo that has managed to keep me entertained for hours.

I've been obsessed with Chapter Friday for a long time now, but recently I've spent more time than is probably advised pouring over the archives. Yara's style is truly flawless and her ability to compile a blog that focuses on so many different topics is really something to admire. CF's recent interview with makeup artist Alexandra Borcila was a particularly interesting read and I can't wait to see more in the series. I've also been enjoying Amy's page A Little Magpie. I used to follow the fashion blog back when Blogger was all the rage, but since making the switch to Bloglovin' this was one of the ones that somehow got lost along the way. I'm so pleased I rediscovered it though; as someone with no clue about fashion whatsoever it's really nice to come across such an inspirational little corner of the internet.


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