Back To The Cat Eye

The classic cat eye is a look that I've attempted all through my makeup wearing life but have never quite managed to master. I have issues with my flick, in that I always end up with a squared off tip and can't seem to get the two to match. I can't even get them looking as if they're almost the same; as if you wouldn't really notice the difference unless you look that closely. I have a love/hate relationship with the trend in that I love it on other people but hate trying to apply it on myself. You catch my drift.

When the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner first hit I was admittedly unimpressed. A lot of the bloggers I follow had early access to the product before it's official launch and based on the few YouTube tutorials and swatches I'd seen I quickly made my mind up that it wasn't for me. From the footage I'd watched it looked as if the tip was really dragging on the eye and the colour pay off was a lot more wishy washy than I'd expected. Instead I settled on the idea that the hype around the launch was just a product of Benefit's clever marketing strategy and not actually based on the quality of the liner itself. It's pretty rare for me to admit to being so wrong about a product, but it's safe to say that I definitely was. In the couple of weeks this has been in my possession I've probably worn eyeliner more times than I have in the rest of my life put together and sometimes, just sometimes, I really feel as though I've mastered the finish. I can't quite put my finger on what makes this stand out from the rest, but something about the shape and/or formula of the liner means that application is easier than it ever has been; at least for someone as incapable using this kind of product as I am. I haven't even needed to use my (not so) trusty scotch tape techniqueCrazy

Any mistakes are extremely hard to rectify which does let the product down slightly, although I guess that's the sacrifice you make when finding a waterproof, long wearing liner. It's safe to say I'm back in love with liner again; I even got my hands on a new tube of the They're Real Mascara just to mark the occasion (tip: coconut oil dissolves both products like a dream if you're as unsure about spending £15 on an eye makeup remover as I am). It may not be the revolutionary marvel that it's billed as, but it's really good all the same.