Another Outfit

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Another day, another outfit (two outfit posts doesn't quite deem me fit to use that phrase, does it?)

It's something I tend to casually throw on when I'm out running errands or heading off for a spur of the moment pizza date - you know the type. My shirt is the comfiest thing to wear in the world; it seriously does feel as though I have nothing on, although you'll be more than pleased to see that I do. It's from Zara and although I can't find it online anymore (boo) I've seen them on the sale rail of my local store as recently as yesterday. It has a slightly dipped hem at the back which would usually put me right off (am I the only person completely opposed to that trend?) but it's such a lovely piece that I wear it anyway. YOLO and all that. 

My jeans are Topshop Baxter's; I got these in the sale which was probably for the best as I hacked the bottoms off them with a pair of kitchen scissors as soon as I got them home. To cut a long story short (or a long trouser leg, ha ha...), I'd fallen in love with a pair of Urban Outfitters ankle grazers with a torn hem, only to find that on my stumpy pins they didn't quite fulfil their ankle grazing promise. I therefore set about making my own and I'm really pleased with how they came out; I think they make a nice alternative to the ripped knee trend that everyone is falling for at the moment. My shoes are the classic DM's and after suffering with a seriously bad blister the first time I wore them (the kind of blister that genuinely required medical attention) I'm happy to say that I've finally got over my fear of putting them anyway near my feet again... although it did take me a while. My bag is also from Zara and was my final sale find of the summer. I'd initially spotted it in store way back when it was £120 and let out a small sob when I realised it was way out of budget, even for a genuine leather piece. When I headed back and found it for £35 it's safe to say it was mine all mine. I very rarely buy bags new and tend to find most of them in charity shops or boot sales, but I couldn't resist this beauty and I'm hoping it will last me a really long time.

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