Anna Sui

Admittedly I know very little about fashion, although Anna Sui is a name that I instantly recognise. I was therefore really intrigued to try the Eye Palette* and Lip Palette* from the designer's latest makeup collection. I feel as though fashion brands making a move into the cosmetics industry has become more and more common over recent years, with incredibly mixed results. Both palettes include a lot of shades that I wouldn't usually choose to pick up; although that's something that actually really drew me to them in the first place. Having got over my initial fear of a few of the more daunting colour choices I've been really enjoying trying them out and have had a surprisingly large amount of use from both of them so far. Many of the palettes I own contain a few shades that wouldn't normally be my first choice, but I really do think that's the appeal of many of them and they're often a great chance to try something new.

The pigmentation of these is amazing, especially regarding the lip palette. Even if you are a fan of a seriously bright lip I'd recommend applying these with caution, although the plus side is that of course the shades will last you a really long time. The two nudes are gorgeous and were obviously my initial favourites, although the brighter options look just as lovely patted into the lips for a more subtle finish. I simply use my finger to tap the colour over the top of my lips to give them a stained effect; something which works particularly well with the coral and muted red shades. The look of the hot pinks still terrify me slightly, although the white shade that's included in the palette can be used to tone any of the colours down if needed.

The eye palette looks equally as scary, but an olive green smokey eye is fast becoming one of my go-to looks and the shades in this just compliment that perfectly. All of the shadows have some level of shimmer in them, albeit at varying degrees, so this is one that I tend to keep for nights out as shimmers and glitters really aren't my thing day to day. I can imagine getting a lot of use from these though and the staying power is truly brilliant; again making them perfect for evenings when I'm after a more 'done' look. Even the black glitter has been given an outing which is really out of my usual comfort zone (heads up: applying this along the lashline with a slightly damp angled brush is dreamy).

It always puzzles me why makers of palettes like these bother adding the brush as I've never found one that's any good. These really do take the biscuit as some of the worst I've used; especially the lip brush as it's incredibly coarse and splays all over the lips when I try to apply product, meaning that a precise finish is pretty much impossible to come by. That said, I usually throw the brushes out anyway as I'm so fond of using my own. Neither palette has a mirror either, although the designs on the packaging are gorgeous, even for a floral-phobe like myself. 

Swings and roundabouts.

Overall I'm really pleased to add these to my makeup collection. Many of the shades included are nothing like ones I already own so it's lovely to have something new to try and I've been reaching for the lip palette particularly often. The quality of both really has impressed me and I can see them being a great option for those a little more adventurous with their makeup choices than me as well. Both are currently half price at Escentualmaking them less than £1.50 a shade and all the more appealing.