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One of my favourite reads this month has without doubt been Bloomin' Rouge; a beauty blog with a dash of lifestyle thrown in for good measure. I've been keeping up to date with Holly's blog for a little while now and I can't see any reason why this lady isn't already on her way to serious blogging success. The girl is gorgeous, writes informative, relatable content and doesn't fail to keep everything feeling fresh and original. Her tutorial on making your eyes look bigger is one of my favourites. When I'm after some serious photography inspiration I turn to Soymilkblogrun by mother and fellow beauty addict Lissa. Equally as informative as it is aesthetically pleasing, it's fast become one of my most frequently visited reads and the archives can keep me entertained for hours.

I've also found myself watching more YouTube videos than is probably recommended over recent weeks. A couple of illnesses that have left me unable to leave my bed for a short while have meant that scanning through a few YT back catalogues really has been my only source of entertainment. Christine's channel is one that I came across a while back but have only recently really taken the time to enjoy. The lady is an absolute babe, whose fashion and interior design videos leave me completely in awe. I've also been slightly addicted to Shameless Fripperies; another channel that I've been subscribed to for a long time but have never found myself really getting into until now. Karima posts fresh and interesting makeup tutorials and reviews; her preferences are actually incredibly similar to mine and I'm so glad I've finally gotten around to giving her channel a proper stalk.

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