A Chat About Eyelash Curlers

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I've used eyelash curlers for as long as I can remember; although for a long while I was completely puzzled by them. I haven't yet succumbed to the temptation of the Shu Uemura offering as I just can't justify spending so much on such a basic tool, so instead I've made it my personal mission to find an effective pair at a more down to earth price. I own a fair few curlers now and when held next to each other they all look strikingly similar; however the effectiveness of them all manages to vary greatly - both in producing a natural looking curl and keeping it in place throughout the day. I curl my lashes before applying mascara and don't re-do the process during the day, so finding a tool that allows me to achieve the most long lasting finish is essential.

At the moment I'm using the Kiko Eyelash Curlers; an absolute steel at £5.90, they're by far the best set I've used and I couldn't be more pleased with them. My interest was first sparked way back when I read Amelia's post during her dupe week and although it took me a fairly long while to get my hands on a set myself I'm so glad I eventually did. They're the bomb. For a long while I struggled with the fact that no matter what model of lash curler I was using the lashes on my left eye just didn't sit right and kind of fell a little flat, despite using the exact same technique on both eyes and holding the tool in place for the same amount of time. I eventually concluded that being right handed must have something to do with it and tried to get used to the fact that my lashes were destined to be slightly uneven; however since finding this curler I haven't had any such problem. The shape of these fits my eye perfectly and I'm able to grip each and every lash, something I haven't been able to do with many of the other options I've tried. The clamp fits snuggly over my entire lashline and a few squeezes later I'm left with a gorgeous, natural looking curl.

In fact the 'natural looking' part is probably what I'm most interested in. I have large eyes so I wasn't surprised that some eyelash curlers don't quite manage to grab each and every hair individually; but even when the shape and size of the clamp looks identical I still find I get different results in how 'crimped' the curl I'm left with is. Ain't nobody got time for that. After doing a little research I found that the curlers with silicone pads tend to leave a much more natural finish than those with rubber pads - which the vast majority of the cheaper options have. It's ultimately the difference between a good and bad pair of lash curlers and proves to be the reason why the high end versions genuinely do have a tendency to outdo cheaper ones in terms of performance. I've tried my fair share of lacklustre high street options in the past so I'm really happy to have found such a low price version with a sturdy (silicone) pad. My mission is complete; for now at least.