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Recently my blogroll has started featuring more and more blogs that post content outside of the typical realms of beauty and I've really been enjoying giving some other posts a read, too. Not only has it inspired me to feature a greater selection of content on my own blog, but it can sometimes be really refreshing to take a step back and engage with content you wouldn't normally find cropping up on your timeline (don't get me wrong, I still love beauty blogs too).

One of my favourite discoveries this month has been AfterDRK, a fashion, beauty, lifestyle and everything else blog run by some incredibly talented ladies. It's safe to say that I've spent longer than I should perusing the site over the past couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier to have added such a creative and unique slice of the internet to my 'must read' list. The style posts are impeccable and the beauty section is full of informative pieces with original subject matter; what more could you ask for? Other blogging favourites have been The Conscience Fund, a beauty blog written by the gorgeous Divya. Ever come across a blog and wonder how on earth it hasn't received more recognition? That. I'm in love with the girls approach to blogging and her crisp, clean design. She also swatches everything she reviews and writes in a way that is truly informative and helpful, while being no less entertaining. Definitely one worth checking out!

The gorgeous Sammi also helped introduce me to Louise Parker, whose blog and YouTube channel have been equally time consuming for me over the past couple of weeks. The girl is absolutely beautiful and her minimalist approach to all things beauty and fashion are right up my street. I've been religiously watching EasyNeon over on YouTube too and am so ashamed that I hadn't come across Diana's channel until recently. Packed full of detailed, original makeup tutorials, it's a one-stop shop for injecting some serious glamour into my day. Plus the girl has got some serious eyebrow game, believe me.

I've been just as obsessed with Instagram this month as I was last; I seem to have really gotten bitten by the bug and my 'likes' list is exploding with interior design inspiration, makeup porn and a healthy dose of hunger-inducing snaps from people's meals out. I have a problem. A few of those regularly making my click on the like button are saramedinalindthepinkdiary and jessicabeautician. Somebody needs to take the app away from me before more hours are lost.

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