Beauty Blogs Worth Bookmarking

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1,000 slaps on the wrist for being such an awful blogger this month. Turns out my plan to have a vast expanse of scheduled blog posts set up over my university deadlines didn't go as well as I'd hoped... there's always next year. Just because I haven't been writing blog posts doesn't mean I haven't been reading them. Occasional scrolls through my bloglovin' feed are all that have been keeping me going over the past few weeks so, as always, I thought I'd share some of my favourites (read: the ones that I've spent the longest time procrastinating over). Enjoy!

Bed in the Kitchen is a new find for me this month, although I'm not entirely sure how it's escaped me for this long. Jaye's corner of the internet is crammed full of beauty goodness from high end to high street; and I am in awe of her nude lipstick collection (y'all know a girl can never have too many of those). Jaye's YouTube channel is well worth checking out, too; she may have only recently begun filming videos, but their natural, chatty vibes make them an absolute joy to watch.

If you're into blogs that are aesthetically beautiful, then look no further than Joy&. Written by the gorgeous Rachel, the blog design and photography has me green with envy every time a new post crops up on my Bloglovin' page. Well written content and a skincare collection that has me even more in awe; Joy& has become one of a handful of blogs that manages to capture my interest with every post.

Another recent find is tinypaintpot, a lifestyle and beauty blog penned by the lovely Sam. It was actually her stunning illustrations that first captured my attention (take a look at Sam's Illustrated Wishlist; the girl's got talent), but since then I've been equally enjoying reading any beauty and lifestyle posts that have popped up on my feed. My own wishlist is now longer than my arm thanks to this blog; and if you have as much of a sweet tooth as I do it's definitely worth checking out today's post... oh my.

Last but not least is lipstickwithsomesunshine. If you haven't stumbled upon Tamira's blog yet then you really are missing out. Creative, imaginative content with an eclectic mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts, LWSS makes dreamy Sunday reading. Teamed with gorgeous photography and a clean, fresh design, Tamira manages to capture the attention by creating something completely unique; a rare find within the blogging world.


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