Unsung Heroes

A fair amount of beauty products have graced the pages of thunderl0ve since the beginning, but every now and then it's nice to pay some well deserved attention to those deemed too humble to grab the spotlight. Not the prettiest bunch to photograph, but they each do a pretty amazing job at what they set out to achieve... 

Admittedly I haven't been using Seche Vite for all that long (fashionably late to the party as always), but god damn is this stuff good. A quality base and top coat are must haves in any nail-centric arsenal and since using this I don't think I'll be turning favour to anything else in a hurry. A DIY mani that's dry in minutes? Please. Now to find a base coat that's just as pleasing. When it's time to remove all my hard work, I've found nothing better than the Conditioning Nail Polish Remover from Boots. Cheap as chips (last time I stocked up it rung in at about £1.20 a bottle) and it does the job just nicely, without leaving my nails feeling dry or stripped.

As the saying goes, tweezers are a girl's best friend. Well; us girls with slight monobrow issues, anyway. I initially squirmed at the thought of spending over a tenner on a pair, but since I've added some trusty Tweezerman Mini's to my stocks I haven't looked back. I actually opted for the full size version first, but when I lost them I grabbed this smaller, cheaper set and have found them far easier to use. I very rarely get my brows professionally tamed anymore, so a sharp set of plucker-outers are essential and these fit the bill just nicely. My tool collection is completed by these John Lewis Lash Curlers. Admittedly I don't crimp my lashes every day any more, but when I do I can be certain that these will leave me with a natural looking curl that lasts (given a coat or two of waterproof mascara on top). 

Whilst I'm a huge advocate of splurging on good quality skincare, there are a few budget must haves in my collection that definitely don't get as much praise as they deserve. I suffer with dry skin all year round, but stressful times can lead to bouts of eczema that nothing other than E45 Cream can cure. This little bottle is my grab and go for days when my skin is feeling a little tight or uncomfortable and it does a wonderful job at easing the strain. The Blistex Intensive Moisturiser does much the same job for my lips, keeping them soft and supple even through winter. 

The daddy of all hair accessories, the humble scrunchie is what I use to tame my mane when nobody else is around to witness the sight. I've actually been known to rock the look outside of the house too, but I have serious reservations about whether I have enough street cred to pull it off. Either way, they're a comfortable option and manage to keep my locks in a top knot with minimal tugging and no unsightly bumps in my hair once they're taken out; perfect. There are of course the obligatory bobby pins too, the likes of which are scattered all over my flat and probably wont be found again until long after we've moved out. My go-to when I'm after a semi-presentable updo or just fancy pinning everything away from my face, they're an essential addition to every haircare kit.

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