A Deeper Shade of Blue

10 points for the 90's pop reference. 

My Essie collection seems to be cropping up a fair amount on my blog lately; although it's definitely for good reason. I steered clear of my local stand for a few months and experimented with a few different brands, many of which have slightly lower price points and many of which I loved. Despite that, there's something about Essie polishes that keep me coming back. Having fallen head over heels for the navy blue mani over winter, I initially had my heart set on After School Boy Blazer; the autumn collection shade that arguably kicked the deep blue obsession off in the first place. The hyped up shade was nowhere to be seen on the day I visited and, unable to simply walk away and return a few days later, my eyes begun to wonder towards the similar tone of Bobbing For Baubles...

However much I love Essie, I must admit their formula is a little hit and miss for me. Certain shades last well into the week, whereas others simply don't seem to have any longevity at all. Unfortunately, this is one of those that begins to heavily chip a day or two after application; seriously sad news because I'm in love with the shade itself. This deep sapphire hue sits beautifully against my fair skin and application is a breeze, boasting an almost opaque finish in just one coat. Like all polishes from the brand, the finish is smooth, even and packed full of gloss, but no matter what top coat I use sadly I just can't seem to make it stick. I don't own anything else like this, so even with a slightly disappointing formula I keep coming back to it - for me the shade itself really is that beautiful. If you're having trouble landing the perfect navy, I'd definitely recommend this one; just be prepared to put a little extra work into some mani-related maintenance.

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