Garnier Moisture Match

Garnier Moisture Match - £5.99/50ml

The Garnier Moisture Match creams have always been really intriguing to me. Tailor made to suit your particular skin type, there are five individual options to choose from to ensure that you receive the benefits your skin needs most. My skin is dry/combination but I've enjoyed using all of these over the past few weeks and seeing the different effects they've had on my skin, especially as it's prone to changing texture daily!

Wake Me Up (for dull skin) - a super illuminating option, this aims to freshen up the skin and give life back to a dull, tired complexion. With a lightweight gel texture it sinks into the skin quickly which makes it ideal for daily use when your skin is looking a bit 'blah'. It doesn't make my skin feel greasy at all either which is a huge plus! I have dry/combination skin and I find this ideal for a quick pick me up, the citrus fragrance is definitely an added bonus too!

Protect & Glow (for normal skin) - this is definitely my pick for the summer months. The formula is really light and includes ingredients such as lemon extract and Vitamin B3 to illuminate the skin as well as protect it from the elements. It's the only one of the lot to include an SPF (SPF 20 to be exact!) making it the perfect option for those wanting to hydrate and protect the skin all at once. Like all of the moisturisers in the set it sinks into the skin super quickly and is a great option for a morning dose of moisture.

Goodbye Dry (for dry to very dry skin) - having dry skin myself I'm well aware of how uncomfortable it can get during the day, especially underneath a face full of makeup. This rich cream is packed full of camelia oil to nourish and plump up the skin; something that I'm definitely in need of most days! Whilst this isn't the most intensive moisturiser I've tried and it doesn't have a huge effect on any flaky patches, it's perfect for those who are after a quick fix on days where the skin is feeling a little haggard or tight. It keeps everything comfortable all day and allows my makeup to glide on as smoothly as possible.

Start Afresh (for normal to dry skin) - enriched with blue lotus flower, this is the one for you if you're after a fresh, glowy complexion. My skin feels incredibly soft after using this and the results are particularly long lasting as it reinforces the skin's natural barrier and allows it to hold as much moisture as possible.

Shine Be Gone (for oily skin) - this mattifying lotion aims to hydrate the skin without adding any extra oil or grease to the mix. I don't tend to have problems with an oily complexion but this is my go-to on days where my t-zone is looking a little shinier than normal. It doesn't dry my skin out at all, but hydrates whilst giving me the perfect blank canvas to apply make up on top of. It's perfect for combination skin like mine as it balances everything out and smooths over any problem areas.

I'd definitely recommend giving these a go, especially if you can get your mitts on a few samples like I did! I've bought both the 'Wake Me Up' and the 'Protect & Glow' options in the full size bottles and get a fair amount of use from them both. I like to spend a little more on moisturiser normally but these rival many of my high end alternatives in terms of boosting the skin's hydration levels and improving texture.

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