The Ultimate Guide of Things to Watch, Read and Subscribe To in 2016

I'm back! A couple of days away from my laptop over Christmas turned into the best part of a week; but it's a break that I feel I needed and I've come back truly refreshed. 

Yearly round up posts like this one aren't something that I'd usually consider doing, but I've found myself reading more of them than ever this year. I thought I'd put together my own list of blogs, YouTubers and Instagram accounts that I've been enjoying and are well worth checking out over the new year if you haven't already. I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do!

Blogs to read

Lissy Hayes

For: a personalised, honest approach to beauty

Billie Rose

For: varied content and beautiful photography

Chapter Friday

For: lifestyle, career and blogging advice

That Grace Girl

For: editoral-style beauty with stunning visuals

Style and Wellbeing

For: simple fashion and style inspiration

Bless The Weather

For: life, travel, recipes and everything in-between

YouTube Channels to subscribe to

sunbeamsjess + extrasunbeamsjess | even in the midst of a YouTube slump, Jessie's videos are the only ones that I'm certain to carry on watching. Her content is genuine, down to earth and her approach to YouTube disclaimers is completely transparent.

ThriftThick | I've loved getting to know Cassie's channel a little better over the past few months. Again, her beauty videos are honest and reliable; something that's increasingly difficult to find on YouTube.

Also: Ariella Bertrand, Tamira JarrelArden RoseRachel Nguyen, Helen Anderson, JessBeautician

Get Ready With Me: Chatty Edition

Get Ready With Me: Chatty Edition

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas