Taking Care of Winter Feet

Yep, feet. I'm not sure that I've ever spoken about the topic on my blog before, not least because I fall into the stereotype of being inexplicably squeamish on the subject. I've no idea why the topic of feet makes me cringe, but experience has indicated that I'm not alone. Although I've never had any particular problems with my feet they do have a tendency to get a little dry from time to time. I find that it happens especially around the heel, which over time can lead to the skin feeling hard and rough. Nice.

I've recently been using the MicroPedi Nano* in an attempt to get my feet in better shape and I can honestly vouch for noticeable results after just a few uses. It's the first gadget of its kind that I've tried. Before now I've only had the occasional go with pumice stones and an ill-fated encounter with a Ped Egg. In my experience, manual exfoliators come with the downside of being tedious to use and aren't all that effective considering the amount of effort needed. In contrast, the MicroPedi Nano does the job on both feet within a couple of minutes. The small size allows for the device to easily fit into the palm of your hand and makes the whole process as quick and hassle-free as possible. 

It's worth noting that as the MicroPedi is more effective than manual devices, using a gentle touch is recommended - at least in the beginning. Over time, it's a lot easier to gain a better understanding of how long you should use it and how much pressure should be applied. 

Once done, I've been slathering my feet in Soap & Glory's Heel Genius - a rich, deeply moisturising foot cream that doesn't have that dreaded minty scent. S&G recommend applying a light layer to the feet before dozing off in a pair of cosy bed socks, which isn't too much of a stretch from my normal routine. Come morning, my feet are left soft and supple with no greasy feeling in sight.

Five Days, Five Outfits

Five Days, Five Outfits

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