The French Wardrobe Update

It was way back at the beginning of February that I first offered up the idea of doing a '5 piece french wardrobe' style thing this year. In that time I've only really bought one item of clothing (second hand pieces don't count... ahem) so the whole thing has been as uninteresting as expected, really. 

My first investment of the season comes in this Topshop trench (I can only find it in Tall online, although I managed to nab myself the Petite version in-store). I've never been a lover of outerwear but, having managed to finally invest in a sturdy winter coat at the end of last year, I decided that I also needed something a little more lightweight now that we're entering into the beginnings of Spring. I'm in love with the colour and can imagine myself getting an awful lot of wear from this over the coming months. Pieces like this one are exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for as it's unlike anything else in my wardrobe, so hopefully I'll be back with another find soon!

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